Wednesday G/90 Quads, 2nd Wednesday of each month

Every month we will be hosting “Wednesday G/90 Quads” rated tournaments that start on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and last for 3 weeks (1 game per week). Quads are a lot of fun because you are paired with players who have a similar rating. Our first tournament starts on Wednesday, September 10th and we hope to see you there.

For more info and to register, please visit:

“Wednesday G/90 Quads” Chess Tournament – Sept. 2014

Wednesday, Sep 10, 2014, 6:45 PM

University Memorial Center (First Floor)
1669 Euclid Ave, 80309 Boulder, CO

2 Chess Players Attending

Please join us for our first Wednesday G/90 Quads chess tournament, starting on the 2nd Wednesday of September. Quads are a lot of fun because you will be paired with 3 other players that have a similar rating and play one G/90 game per week for 3 weeks.3 round Quad tournament (USCF Rated)Time Control: G/90 d5 (90 minutes per player, 5 second d…

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